The Shrouded life of Leonardo Da Vinci



In this introduction to the life of Leonardo Da Vinci I will be talking about how he developed as an artist in the early stages of his career and his upbringing, how he started off his career as an apprentice in the heart of Italy and what struggle in terms of his work and personal life that made him what one of the most respected and knowledgeable artists of all time. This article will also delve into the types of art Da Vinci was interested in and created and how Italy at the time and its leaders had a crucial impact on what was allowed to be created and a look at how the church also had an impact

Life Overview

Leonardo Da Vinci was an Italian Polymath who was most prominent in the mid to late 1400’s and was the front face of the today well known ‘Italian Renaissance’. His interests and career’s in architecture, painting, anatomy and as a writer helped him create and cultivate some of the most famous an well respected pieces of art in modern history.

He started out his life in a small town called Vinci (hence the name) and had a keen eye for art and how to cultivate real life onto a canvas. He was taken on as an apprentice in Florence by a very well respected and famous mentor, Verrocchio. He started out learning how light bounced of objects such as stone and how to work with sculpting materials, leather and mechanics. His clear and early talent at the age of just 17 had him commissioned for a painting to made of the baptism of Christ which was also work on alongside his mentor Verrocchio.

In his later life Da Vinci was commissioned to work on various chapels and Gardens between Florence and Rome, for high members of society such as Dukes and Kings. This however didn’t stop him from creating his own pieces such as the famous Mona Lisa, The last Supper, Lady with an Ermone and the Salvator Mundi. Da Vinci grew a very large following and was well respected within Italy, which came into his favor in his personal life as he was a gay man in a time and area where it was massively frowned upon and and in certain cases punishable by death.

Da Vinci also kept a personal journal with notes and drawings of the human body, animals, skulls, and anatomy in general that gave a clear insight into the genius that he was and how he perceived everyday objects and put his own insight and twist into it.


In a nutshell Da Vinci had a strong influence from his mentor Verrochi which helped him cultivate fine pieces of artwork and look into elements of painting that were way ahead of the times. His personal life of being a gay man in a time where it wasn’t acceptable also gives a overview of what Da Vinci was really like and what makes him stand out in History.