What inspires me to photograph


To begin with I’d like to introduce myself, I’m Georgia Mae Bryant and I’m a digital marketing apprentice living in Manchester. A little back story of me is that from the age of 11 I lived in Spain, 3 years ago I decided to move back to Manchester in the hope to further my education and create a wonderful career for myself. Now it may seem like i’m telling you my life story ( don’t worry this isn’t where I’m planning to go with this post ) but the reason being is that from growing up in such a beautiful place it really gives you a different out look on life, on the world, on how you should spend your week and how much is out there to explore. From a young age I have always been creative, from the moment I picked up a pencil and drew, to the moment I could stand to be able to dance. I have always found ways for my creativeness to thrive, no matter how little I had or how much it seemed irrelevant for my future, It was and will always be important for me to express my feelings and desires through some form of creativity.

Creativity can come in many different forms, art is different for everyone and I believe that difference is art. Some people are better with numbers, some love science, and others aren’t able to understand a simple multiplication (if you didn’t quite guess that’s where I fall). Although being able to understand the basics of each subject is important for a career, I used to let it fill me up with dought that I was never able to be creative in any other way, so much that I thought that I couldn’t be sucessful unless I was good at maths or had good grades in anything other than the ‘creative subjects’ that school’s make seem less important as they aren’t ‘needed to be sucessful’. I know I speak for many others when I say that is clearly not the case.

– The shadowing echoes of movement from business men and wandering believers, figures spreading through a city that won’t sleep. From 3 am to 6 am, to 12pm to 5pm movement is through the air, the rain falls as people inhale our presences and memories, the movements only left by the capture of a moment.

Photography has always been a passion of mine, and although it is simple for anyone to take a photo it is all about the way you take it and what the meaning is behind it. The main inspiration for me is capturing unique places, situations and people and trying to let people see and understand the meaning and version which I see through my eyes. With images which I feel are meaningful and could hold a story, I get inspired to write poetry and so began my photography blog. I set up my blog as a way to show my photography and writing to people, that and to have somewhere to hold my passion. When I write I find situations and feeling in images that you wouldn’t know was there, which I love to include so that people can see the depth of the image and think so much more into the image other than it being “pretty”.

Going back to how I grew up in Spain, the inspiration to photograph and write is what that stems from. From hard times I would always be in nature, where I would sit at the beach and write about the waves and walk around mountains just to watch the sunset and listen to the world. From then and to this day I will forever be at my happiest when I’m surrounded by nature and the beauty that it holds.

An image holds a thousand memories, and to be able to share my creativity to other people makes me happy knowing that just one person could see the way I invisioned it. My inspiration is capturing what I believe to be beautiful and being able to share my visions and writing to people.

In a world full of beautiful scenery and incredible species, why wouldn’t you want to document it ?