How to use LineBerty at Disneyland Paris

An imag from the Disneyland Paris nighttime Illuminations show.

With Christmas season in full swing at Disneyland Paris now, it can be difficult to fit in everything that you want to do, and so the LineBerty app can actually be your best friend! Whilst it can be awkward to get the hang of, it saves you having to queue for hours to meet your favourite characters, leaving you with extra time to spend trying new snacks, getting on some rides and grabbing all of the pictures that your camera can handle.

What is LineBerty!?

LineBerty is an app which lets you “virtually” queue for character meets at Disneyland Paris. We found it really handy and it’s pretty straightforward to use and it seems that a lot of places in France are using it to manage queues and wait times. The Lineberty app is not used exclusively by Disneyland Paris. In fact, the app isn’t even developed by Disney. As such, there are hundreds of other places that use the app.

How Do I Use LineBerty!?

Step 1: 

Download the app on the App Store/Google Play. If you can, download it before you go so that you can familiarise yourself with it in advance. It will avoid any unnecessary panic on the day!

Step 2:

Adding Disneyland Paris as a favourite. You’ll ensure the parks always appear at the top when you go to take a ticket which ultimately saves valuable time when you’re trying to grab a ticket for a popular character or event.

To add Disneyland Paris as a favourite, open up the app and click on the ‘search’ button, this will open up a list of all the places that use Lineberty. As you will see, there’s quite a few!
Scroll through the list to find the one called Disneyland Paris. There is only one entry, even though there are two parks at Disneyland Paris.
Once you have found it, there is a grey love heart next to the name, just tap this and you
will notice that Disneyland Paris seems to immediately disappear from the list of places that uses Lineberty. However, if you scroll all the way back to the top of the list, Disneyland Paris will now be the very top item and have a red love heart next to the name. This means when you’re in the park you won’t need to use the search feature, which can be temperametal.

Step 3: 

Make sure that you’re on the app for 9:45am/2:15pm on the day you want to meet your character. Slots tend to go quickly so you need to be on the ball. Once you’re online, use the following route to find your meet:
Take a Ticket > Disneyland Paris > Walt Disney Studios – Toon Studio > Meet and Greet
These times can change depending on park opening hours, so it’s best to double check.

Make sure that your location-finder on your phone is ON. You must be on-site to get a ticket – you cannot book from off-site or even in one of the Disney hotels. You must be either in Walt Disney Studios Park itself or in the main park.

Step 4: 

Take a ticket! Your ticket will tell you what number you are in the queue and how long you have to wait. During your wait time you can go about your day, go on rides, grab lunch etc. You will receive notifications throughout the day letting you know how long you have left to wait.

Step 5: 

You will receive another notification when it is your turn to meet the character. Head over to Toon Studio (beside Crush’s Coaster), show your ticket to a cast member and enjoy your meet!

Who Can I Meet using LineBerty!?

Currently, you can book meets with “Buzz Lightyear or Friends”, “Woody or Friends” and “Pluto or Friends” on LineBerty in Walt Disney Studios Park. You can also use LineBerty to meet Jack Skellington in Disneyland Park.

“Or Friends” means that you may not be 100% guaranteed to meet that exact character. For example, if Buzz isn’t around, there will be another character from Toy Story available to meet. If Pluto is unavailable, you may get Minnie, Mickey, Donald or Goofy.

There are unscheduled character meets from time to time around the park which you just queue as normal for. These characters tend to work for 10-15 minutes then take a 5-10 minute break before coming back, so don’t be disheartened if a character disappears while you’re queuing.

A Cast Member will let you know before you join the queue if you won’t get to meet them at that time.

Top LineBerty Tips!

Tip 1: 

Use multiple phones if you can! We both logged onto our phones at 9:42am, kept refreshing until the slots went live and we ended up getting slots for two different characters. You get one slot PER GROUP not per person, meaning that each phone allows for another group meet slot.

Tip 2: 

If you miss out on a slot – keep refreshing the app throughout the day. Some people may cancel their slots as plans change and their slot will be re-listed on the app. You never know – you might get lucky!

Tip 3: 

It may not always be ideal but use your mobile data if you can. There is Wifi in both parks but it can be glitchy and it would be horrible to miss out on a meet and greet due to bad signal! – Most networks do allow you to use your usual data allowances in Europe now, but it is best to check to avoid any scary bills when you get home!

Tip 4:

Try for popular characters mid-week! Obviously, this tip only works if you are in the parks on a weekday / your Lineberty doesn’t relate to a time specific event. The weekends are the most popular time to visit Disneyland Paris, which means there’s also more people trying to get the spots on Lineberty. Flipside, this also means mid-week there are fewer people, so you increase the likelihood of being able to get a ticket. If you’re at Disneyland Paris for a few days you’ll probably have more luck mid-week – though that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try if you are there over a weekend!

Covid 19 Updates

As Disneyland Paris has re-opened with social distancing measures in place, direct character interactions are not possible. They have, however, opened up a range of selfie spots and character meets that ordinarily would not be possible. These include being able to take selfies with Anna, Elsa, Kristoff and Sven at the Frozen Celebration, and selfies with random characters from the Mickey and the Magician stage show.

In order to limit numbers for some of these selfie spots, Lineberty is being used as a virtual queue. The system works entirely the same as outlined above, but you will see an increase in the number of characters you can select.

Disneyland Paris have also announced they’ll be re-introducing some of their stage shows and parades in a socially distanced way, and will again by using Lineberty for reservations for these.

Overall, the LineBerty app can be intimidating, but don’t let it put you off booking those slots and meeting your favourite characters. It really is easy to use, just be patient and don’t panic.