Sheep or Shepherd

The idea of a trend has been around a lot longer than people think.

Whether it’s a trend in music, gaming or lifestyle, people are always following an influence or influencing through an innovative role in society. Essentially trends have been around forever. People follow and adopt various directions, which then gradually create a movement – on trend. But the question that seems to be on everyone’s lips, is why do we care?

Social media is such a huge part of the population’s everyday lives and is the biggest platform in creating trends. Visual platforms like Instagram and TikTok present ideallic aesthetics people look to adapt and adopt with their everyday fits. An Influencer is seen as a full-time role now for people in the industry. This allowing trends to be presented more directly towards a varied audience. Scrolling through our Instagram feed on a daily, can consist of at least 3 people with different looks that are deemed, on trend.

I love to see how people change common trends in their unique style, as everyone two people are so different. Not everyone has the same body type. And not everyone is comfortable in the same clothing, colours or general aesthetics that are perceived to be ‘on trend’. I feel it seems to become more of a pressure in society for people to style themselves a certain way.

On the other hand, it is amazing from this platform people are made aware of new designs and colours. Arising through seasons, holidays, and time periods they can use in their everyday looks. A lot of what I love about influencing is education. Introducing people to specific things they wouldn’t usually try. It allows people around my generation who spend a lot of time on social media, to experiment with new visuals. Krylik London set out to create such a unique collection of nails, playing with visuals and aesthetics while defying a 2D reality. Krylik London wants to inspire those who want to express themselves further with their personal aesthetic. While optimising those who already have existing expression of creativity.

Growing up as a woman of colour

As a woman of colour growing around this type of influence, especially while learning to develop my confidence and finding my feet with my persona. I definitely felt pressure to keep up with these trends, a pressure I wasn’t comfortable with. When specific colours became ‘on trend’ I would feel uncomfortable and as though my skin tone did not compliment the colour palette. I felt was expected to follow. I remember going to the nail shop for the first time with a group of friends. We were all so excited to get our trendy acrylic nails. And when it came to choosing a colour, we all asked for the nude we had seen in so many photos online. As soon as my technician started painting my first ever fresh set, I instantly wanted him to remove it. Back then I wasn’t aware that different skin tones will host different nudes, my sole focus was to be on trend.

The colour just looked so unflattering on my skin tone, but I felt embarrassed to ask him to change it. Simply because it looked so good on my friends and people we had seen it on in photos from Pinterest. It was on trend, so why didn’t it suit me? I am now in a place where I look for inspiration from influencing trends as opposed to directly being a follower. I now adapt my style with what I’m comfortable with and what makes me feel good. A lot of younger teens or just people who aren’t as confident may struggle with this and feel pressure much like I did when I was younger.

Being YOU!

It’s beautiful that we can live in such an inclusive world as of current. Anyone and everyone can express themselves how they see fit and wake up every morning dressing and styling however they please. People like to be different more now than ever in our history.

Fashion designer Gianni Versace once said –

Don’t be into trends, don’t make fashion own you, you decide what you are

This echoes the idea of promoting individual creativity, no one needs to be so indulged in trends that they lose their own style and confidence. You decide what you put on in the morning, you decide what you are for a night out and you know what makes you feel good. So do it.